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Complete Graphic Design Services: Macomb, Mt Clemens

Professional graphic design is more than just pretty pictures! Successful graphics are part art, part science, part marketing and part psychology. Our skilled graphic design team has the artistic talent, technical skill and advertising experience to clearly, effectively and memorably convey your organization’s brand, image or message.

Corporate Identity & Branding

Corporate visual identity refers to the way your organization presents itself to both internal and external stakeholders. Your corporate identity expresses the values and mission of your organization or business – as well as your unique “style”. In our fast-paced society – and our competitive economy – the consumer has innumerable purchasing options available to them. Your company needs a strategy to establish a recognizable presence in the marketplace. The right corporate identity helps you stand out from the crowd, impress existing and potential customers, and build loyalty to your brand.

Our experienced graphics design team can help you develop a memorable corporate identity that will convey your vision – and get you noticed. Starting with logo development – and moving on to signage, business cards, brochures, envelopes and other collateral – we put everything in place to effectively communicate the goals and image of your company.

Logo Design Macomb, Mt Clemens

One of the first steps in creating a cohesive and memorable “brand” for your business is developing an appealing logo that will get your company noticed, and remembered! Eventually, a well designed logo will even become synonymous with your company’s name.

A logo should also reflect your company’s style and philosophy: Conservative for a bank . . . Edgy for a skateboard company! And your logo’s color pallet should carry through to your website, your signage, your print advertising, and your letterhead and business cards, in order to create a cohesive brand identity for your company.

Our creative graphic designers have decades of experience creating eye-catching, memorable logos that reflect a business’s unique image, style and competencies. We will take the time to get to know your company, understand your mission and listen to your vision . . . and build a logo that you will be proud to have representing your company for decades to come.

Page Layout Services Macomb, Mt Clemens

Page Layout is the process of placing and arranging and rearranging text (text composition) and graphics on the page to produce documents that are visually appealing, concise and easy to read. Part “art” and part “science” page layout involves an understanding of margins, fonts, text blocks, object padding, heading styles, grids, tables and positioning.

Our experienced production staff has the knowledge and the skill to make your printed materials look great every time, and they are well versed in a wide variety of popular desktop publishing systems. Conveying information is only as effective as its page layout. Let our graphic design professionals layout your important printing projects in a format that is professional, readable, appealing to the eye – and guaranteed to impress!

Typesetting Macomb, Mt Clemens

Typesetting and typography combine artistic skill with technical abilities, in order to produce printed material that is clear and accessible. Well done typesetting can also enhance the meaning of your printed materials by adding mood and style. Much creative energy goes into making typesetting attractive and readable – yet, when done properly, the typesetting should be almost imperceptible to the reader.

The differences between typesetting and typography have blurred with the advent of digital and desktop publishing. But what remains constant is the importance of the “look and feel” of your type. Our experienced professionals will produce a printed product for you that is eye-appealing, highly readable and reflective of your information’s mood or tone – through expert typesetting and typography.

We Are Macomb County’s Premier Graphic Design Team

If you live or work anywhere in Macomb County, chances are you’ve already seen our custom graphic design work all over town! We have designed logos, signs, promotional materials and more for many of the prominent businesses, schools, churches and organizations in Mt. Clemens and the surrounding areas. We would be honored to add you to our long list of valued, satisfied clients. Let the professionals at Printing By Johnson build a corporate identity for your company that will get you noticed – and remembered!

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